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Now you can say goodbye to the hassles of learning programming languages.
Qipster's visual page designer provides you with the entire freedom
to express your creativity at its full potential.
advanced ui objects Qipster provides a comprehensive set of integrated, fully customizable user interface elements for you to be up and running with complex operations in no time, with no need to learn and use external APIs. i image manipulation and filtersYou don't have to use external tools to crop, zoom, rotate a picture, or just modify its brightness and contrast. Qipster allows you to do everything right on page, in real time, so you can be faster and more accurate. multiple versioningDuring the design process it's extremely common to go over several different prototypes before deciding which design fits best. Multiversioning helps you to keep track of different versions, together with all the history which led to the final version. fluid, responsive AND ADAPTIVE designQipster has everything you need to create layouts that react perfectly according to the several different screen sizes and devices out there. visually apply your logicWhether you want to send an email, process a PayPal payment, insert data into a database, or just do some basic client side operations, a powerful set of functions allow you to apply your logic visually. contextual javascript editorIf the available visual functions are not enough, you can still code right on page using a contextual Javascript code editor. Smart completion, code grouping, objects' and variables' automatic retrieval simplify and speed up the coding process from within the visual designer.
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About Qipster Qipster is a professional cloud-based, all-in-one tool for database-driven web design and development.

Professional web designers, developers and teams can work together on a shared, integrated and visual environment to build dynamic websites, web applications, mobile web apps and much more with maximum freedom and flexibility while dramatically speeding up their work through an integrated set of smart tools and procedures.
This website is entirely made using Qipster