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OUR PLATFROM, YOUR SERVERS Qipster is a developement platform, not a data hosting service. Therefore we allow you to connect your servers to us, so to use Qipster just as a developement platform and your infrastructure as a staging and / or production environment. ACTIVATE YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW SIMPLE CONNECTION PROCEDURE The connection procedure is very simple, you just need to create the server instance and follow the instructions we will provide, according to the OS of your choice. For Linux users we even supply an automated script, creating the connection and everything required for the binding. privacy AND SECURITY After transferring a project, all its files and databases will be removed from our servers and stored solely on your infrastructure. Of course you will still be able to work on it by accessing Qipster. State of the art transfer security is granted by a 4096 bit RSA / SFTP connection. you are in control While all the project data (files, assets and databases) will be stored into your servers, project settings and management will remain into our servers. This approach grants you total flexibility and independence over the management of your infrastructure and allows you to keep maximum privacy over your data.
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About Qipster Qipster is a professional cloud-based, all-in-one tool for database-driven web design and development.

Professional web designers, developers and teams can work together on a shared, integrated and visual environment to build dynamic websites, web applications, mobile web apps and much more with maximum freedom and flexibility while dramatically speeding up their work through an integrated set of smart tools and procedures.
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