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TEAMWORK: LESS ME AND MORE WE To build an efficient team working strategy is no easy task: improving communication between your staff members and making sure they are on the same page can be hard and frustrating at times. Qipster can help you manage those problems with its built in teamwork tools, allowing you and your team to communicate in an efficient, direct and fast way. ACTIVATE YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW SCHEDULING TASKS AND TO DO'S Defining priorities and communicating tasks and to do's is crucial in order to improve the productivity of your team. With Qipster you can easily create both textual and visual to do lists, with an integrated group chat for instant communication. If you need you can also define a time schedule for the tasks you have planned, making sure your staff members always know what they have to do next. share and receive feedbacks Every aspect of design and development is the product of a teamwork. Sharing comments and opinions about ongoing projects can be really time saving and ensure a better quality result, especially when dealing with customers who have specific requests and need to get involved in the process. Qipster's feedback tool helps you to keep track of the process leading to the final product by allowing you to share resources with the team, like images, screenshots, urls, etc. CONTEXTUAL CHAT In order to enhance your team members' involvement without lowering productivity, our software integrates a fast and flexible contextual chat tool. Now you can connect with every member of your team right from your working environment, without the need of external programs. PERMISSION BASED ACCESS Sharing your project is very easy and fully customizable too: for each user you can set different permissions, allowing your team members to work on the project according to their role and skills. Customers can also be involved for feedback and more efficient communication. MEASURE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY Sometimes it's hard to realize how much time your team members spent on the various tasks and how they performed. With our software's analytics tools you can keep track of the developement history of your project, making your staff members' productivity much more easy to measure.
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About Qipster Qipster is a professional cloud-based, all-in-one tool for database-driven web design and development.

Professional web designers, developers and teams can work together on a shared, integrated and visual environment to build dynamic websites, web applications, mobile web apps and much more with maximum freedom and flexibility while dramatically speeding up their work through an integrated set of smart tools and procedures.
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