The ultimate all-in-one platform
for web professionals
Data-driven web design and development made fast and easy.
Design, code, deploy. In the cloud.
HTML5 / CSS3 Visual Designer + JS / PHP Code Editor + MySQL Database + Collaboration Tools + Server Management
truly multipurpose, truly fast
Qipster is not a template based rigid system.
It speeds up your work while leaving you total freedom and flexibility in design and coding.
Through our cutting edge online technology, creating a wide range of professional web products has never been this fast and easy.

Landing pages, blogs, e-commerce websites, management systems, CRMs, working prototypes, responsive and adaptive websites, mobile web apps, web presentations: these are just few of the things that you can build with Qipster.
prototype prototype from scratch to live, with no stress
Qipster is a one-step solution for the whole lifecycle of your projects.
design design development development deployment deployment maintenance maintenance
HTML5 / CSS3 visual designer
Experience power of expression, total flexibility and freedom.
No coding required... unless you want to!
Visual Drag & Drop editor Fluid, Responsive and Adaptive design Digital Asset Management Color rules Google fonts Powerful 3D transforms Image manipulation Animations with ease -
JS / PHP code editor
Qipster's visual designer automatically generates code on behalf of the user.
For those who prefer to go technical, our software can also suit your needs.
Fully integrated Comfortable environment Reusable, shared code Visual workflow - +
mysql database
Create and manage MYSQL databases, tables and views.
Visually bind data to the user interface.
No database client required Import, and you are ready to go Visual view designer Smart table editing Visual data binding + -
collaboration tools
Permission based access, team analytics, task management and revisions, group chat.
Take project management to a whole new level.
Scheduling tasks and todo's Share and receive feedbacks Contextual chat Permission based access Measure your productivity - +
server management
Design and develop on the cloud, automatically deploy on your own servers.
Keep our development engine separated from your hosting.
Simple connection procedure Privacy and security You are in control - +
can you build a database-driven responsive web app
from scratch and without templates
IN less than 30 MINUTES?
find out how
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About Qipster Qipster is a professional cloud-based, all-in-one tool for database-driven web design and development.

Professional web designers, developers and teams can work together on a shared, integrated and visual environment to build dynamic websites, web applications, mobile web apps and much more with maximum freedom and flexibility while dramatically speeding up their work through an integrated set of smart tools and procedures.
This website is entirely made using Qipster