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What is Qipster? Qipster is the ultimate professional tool for data-driven web design and development on the cloud. Through our cutting edge online technology, 
creating a wide range of professional web products has never been this fast and easy. Landing pages, blogs, e-commerce websites, management systems, CRMs, working prototypes, responsive and adaptive websites, mobile web apps, web presentations. These are just few of the things that you can build with Qipster. But don’t get it wrong, Qipster is not a template based, pre-made rigid system, it speeds up your work while leaving you total freedom and flexibility.
+ drag & drop editor for designers If you are a professional designer, our state of the art visual drag and drop editor allows you to work on design entirely without coding while keeping maximum freedom and flexibility. Smart integrated tools can help you speed up your process and enhance your creativity. Need to apply logic? Built-in actions and procedures make complex operations just a matter of clicks. Database interactions, custom emails, payments, animations. These are just few of the things you can do without writing any line of code.
You are a professional developer? Nothing stands between you and your hand coding needs. A fully integrated code editor allows you to implement the most complex operations and procedures supporting PHP and JAVASCRIPT. You can even integrate your HTML and CSS code into the visual editor for maximum interoperability.
full database integration Data are a fundamental part of any modern system. With Qipster you can visually create and manage MySql databases, tables and views through our unique database management tool. Interactive forms, dynamic pages and lists, complex data-driven systems: these can all be created with no graphic or logic limitations through visual data binding. designed for teamwork Qipster is not just a development platform. It’s also a collaborative environment for teams who need to work together and manage projects effectively and efficiently. Role based accesses, real time tracking of work activities, group chat, task management and revisioning tool make Qipster the perfect all-in-one solution for small and large organisations. your data, your server. anytime, anywhere. When it’s time to deploy, Qipster doesn’t keep you in the cage. As a professional, you want control over your infrastructure, being able to locate it and size it according to your needs. With Qipster you can transfer all the data to your own server and still be able to maintain them using our platform through our secure connection.

Qipster is an online platform: you can work anytime, anywhere from any desktop operating system. All you need 
to do is to login from a Chrome browser and you are good to go.
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About Qipster
Qipster is a professional cloud-based, all-in-one tool for database-driven web design and development.

Professional web designers, developers and teams can work together on a shared, integrated and visual environment to build dynamic websites, web applications, mobile web apps and much more with maximum freedom and flexibility while dramatically speeding up their work through an integrated set of smart tools and procedures
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